Friday, January 22, 2010

Holiday Pics

Opening gifts with Grandma

Flag from Trinity Site, NM on first museum visit

Replica of Little Boy
So awhile back, one of the awesome blogs I visit, SlavetoSave, hosted a bunch of baby-themed giveaways, with some really cool stuff.  I entered a few of them, and I actually won something!  Been waiting to post, what with holidays and all, but I got it in the mail last week and had to take a pic. 

It's a Snuggle Me'z carseat cover in the Brody pattern, and it's really come in handy with the cold weather we've had lately.  Of course, this last week has been all about staying home and paying tribute to the many nap attempts that need to be made on behalf of proper day sleep, but hopefully I'll be able to go out again soon and show it off around the mall.