Friday, March 05, 2010

We like to eat!



Yeah, I know, the whole New year's resolution post.  But I prefer to think of it as new mama resolutions, things that will help maintain my sanity and balance both as myself, a wife, a pet-owner and a mama through this year and all the ones following.  They range from the simple to the more detailed, things like make time for myself in a calming way, either simply taking the time to listen to a quiet house with a cup of tea and no distractions, to spinning more in the evenings to celebrating life as a mama, much as some of the inspirational blogs I read do.  And of course make some dedicated time for sewing, knitting, and cooking.

As our Mr. Man keeps shooting through clothes in no time (in 18 mo sleepers already, holy cow!), he's been reaching the ends of a commercially purchased sleep sack in no time.  I finally put together a quick replacement in fleece with a separating zipper that is working well for now, but is none too pretty of an example of sew-manship.  That being said, it was my first time installing a zipper, and it went pretty well.  Hopefully on the next one I make, I will do a much better job and incorporate an excellent idea from finger thumb to add a front tab to avoid poking him on the chin.

Speaking of cute chins:

Wearing some of mama's knitwear, giving me an expression that is so his dad when I do something weird