Saturday, November 28, 2009

Quick pics and update

Oz is 12 weeks old already, so crazy!  In that time he has grown to over 12 lbs, zooming through clothes and now in mostly 6 month sizes, smiles and laughes tons, and is really, really interested in everything around him.  So far, he loves baths with mommy, looking at the red chile-esque lights in our house, wearing clothes made by mommy (see pic), having us wash laundry a lot, and being rocked to sleep a lot.

Through some trial and error, we found out not only does he have "silent" reflux, but also a sensitivity to dairy, nuts, and possibly soy.  But with meds and cutting those out of my diet, he's tons better.  I do miss cheese though, but he more than makes up for it :)

Also he loves both sets of grandparents, as he's lucky enough to be near my parents a good deal, and Kyle's mom and dad came up for a nice visit a few weeks ago, and will soon see him again at Christmas.  So lucky to have both families nearby, so he will grow up with tons of love and affection from many different people.

Otherwise, have been being a 24-hr mommy, with not much time for other cooking/knitterly pursuits.  Did make a cute baby Jayne Hat, that Oz seems to like.  And slowly working on some cozy cabled socks for me, after finishing a basic pair of socks for Kyle.  And made a yummy butternut squash soup (from How to Cook Everything) the other night, topped with roasted pepitas and paired with crusty bread and chicken apple sausage from Sprouts (Cali friends, think Henry's, exact same thing).  The no-dairy, no-soy has been a bit of a challenge, cooking-wise, but luckily in this day and age, there are a lot of other options, such as rice milk or coconut milk.  Sadly no almond milk though, due to nut issues.  The ped assures me that these food items are more of a protein issue for him, and don't necessarily mean a later dairy/nut allergy.


Rebekah said...

Yeah for Jayne hats!!!

Adam and Lenore said...

I agree yeah for Jayne hats!!! Love the pictures!!